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Our vision is to open a private and independent recovery school in the Philadelphia area for students seeking an academic environment in which recovery is supported and required as part of the continuum of recovery care and relapse prevention.

The goal is to offer a challenging curriculum that provides opportunity for academic success, fosters a love of learning, and meets the needs of students in recovery including: 

  1. A full range of core courses and electives that meet state educational standards for high school graduation, transfer to another secondary school, college or career

  2. Individualized curriculum based on student needs, emphasizing differentiated and project-based instruction

  3. Academic assessments to determine areas of need and instructional  focus

  4. Learning support services and instruction in meta-cognitive learning strategies

  5. Service-learning projects

  6. Therapeutic practices designed to build resilience for better decision-making

  7. On-site group meetings including 12-step programs

We will be working with area treatment providers for a smooth transition between in-patient/intensive outpatient care and school enrollment.

In the end, we hope to empower students to continue their road to recovery beyond their attendance at our school as they continue onto another secondary school, college, or career.
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